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Updated:                    121028

-One movie added

-The Pantera Replica section is added

-A blog has been added to the website

-One movie added from the Italian Car meeting -09

-Description of ungoing Pantera projects added

-One new movie added

-Two more movies added in the movie section

-Some new info an pictures is added in the Lotus Elan section.

-Some new info an pictures is added in the Detomaso Pantera section.

-The Lotus Elan page is added in the cars section, with some pictures, info and specs coming soon.

-More info added to the DeTomaso Pantera page.

-I have added three more movies, one from the autumn of 2005 and the others are from the Falsterbo sprint race 2006.

-The About me section is added.








Welcome to my webpage:

I have dedicated this site to my passion for fast cars and the technology that make them run and I hope it can be a source of inspiration for others like me.

A new section is added about my new car, a Pantera Replica from -89.



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