Pantera Replica

Pantera Replica -89


Total Weight: 1240kg






Ford Cologne V6


Displacement: 2.9l






-Audi 5 speed gearbox


-steel driveshafts with CV-joints






Front: Granada double wichbone


Rear: Custom double wichbone






Front: Revolution wheels 8x15"


Rear: Revolution wheels 10x15"







   Cooling system:


Aluminum front mounted radiator 



   Bodywork and Chassis:


-Glass fiber body


-Steel spaceframe





Front: Ford granada


Rear: Ford granada

The car in the spring of 2011 when we bought it. 

Engine bay at the time of purchase.

I manufacture a new exhaust system as an experiment to get more of a race engine sound

When the autumn came of 2011 we started the modification of the car. The project have been put on hold for some years due to 3 kids and a house purchase.

But is now ongoing again.

This is what the engine bay looks like now, not much left of the front bulkhead =)

Here is the original drivetrain of the car, the new drivetrain will be posted shortly.

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