So why a Camaro IROC-Z...just watch this commercial and you will understand =)

About this project

I went to a large amarican car meet in Rättvik with my family during the summer of 2019. I got interested in owning an american car and I have always had a sweet spot for the 3gen camaro IROC's. There was a blue IROC-Z parked at a house that I walked past everyday going to school during my childhood and I thought it was so cool.

I started looking for a car just for fun and then I found this one. It was not for sale the owner had posted some info and pictures of it in a forum.

I looked it up and noticed that it had not been run the last ~8years. Again just for fun I contacted the owner and asked about the car. It had some minor issues but otherwise in very good condition. So again just for fun I asked if the car was for sale and in that case for how much. The owner returned as they say "with an offer I just could not refuse" =) I bought it =)

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Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z -87

Spec at time of purchase

Total Weight: ~1450kg (will try to get it weighed)





Standard Chevrolet small block V8 305 TPI


Displacement: 5.0l






T5 5-speed manual gearbox

Limited slip differential




Front: Standard Macpherson


Rear: Standard solid axle with panhard rod and torque arm 






Front: Standard IROC wheels 8x16"


Rear: Standard IROC wheels 8x16"




 Original 245/55-16



   Cooling system:

Original Aluminum front mounted radiator 



   Bodywork and Chassis:


Original with full IROC-Z package





Front: Original disc brakes


Rear: Original drum brakes